Chitra Gopalakrishnan


As the Waters Uncrease

The horizon folds sea and sky    
The immense, expanding silence of the sky
Within the glitter of the sea surface that bounces off a million diamonds 
Yet the call of the sirens comes not from anywhere here
But from the sea’s briny, blue depths, its muted metronomic murmurs
From the nothing it holds, from that which undermines the phenomenal world

Within its fluid purl
Walls of tangled strands, of coontail, pondweed, bladderwort, prowl my skin
Tendrils of emotions, memories, instincts, reactions and thoughts agitate
Split within, surge their course
Sparking energy at speeds faster than lightning
Perhaps to ride the shock

Within its astral smoothness
An octopus reveals itself only to shrink back into its crevasse
A swarm of silent, silverfish shimmy close even as limpets glue themselves to rocks
In this stillness, I rescue myself through retreat
I seek the absolute, that has neither beauty nor ugliness, for it has no opposites
Just an entireness-within-a-void that collapses the wall between the limited and the infinite

Within its depths
An invisible line forms
One that makes one-on-one the activeness of living and the quiescence of contemplation
The social and spiritual world
For the both to exist a breath away from each other
With the active world lapping at the ankles of the solitary, subtle consciousness
As the waters uncrease, find their level, I hold my palms forward in a gesture of release






Chitra Gopalakrishnan, a New Delhi-based journalist and a social development communications consultant uses her ardor for writing, wing to wing, to break firewalls between nonfiction and fiction, narratology and psychoanalysis, marginalia and manuscript and tree-ism and capitalism.


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