Margaret Coombs

Stars and Possibility

In Star Trek reruns, humanoid crews
meet alien beings who resemble
our own species’ worst selves:
territorial, untrustworthy, susceptible
to assimilation by a hive mind.
Why travel so far just to take sides
in a war? Rather decipher a code
tapped in quasars and supernovas.
Revel in luminosity, measure the fusion
of stars, find in each formula a galaxy
to explore, told in the language of awe.






Margaret Coombs lives in a city on Lake Michigan’s western shore. Her chapbook, The Joy of Their Holiness, was published under the name Peggy Turnbull. Afterwards, her poetry nudged her to use her birth name. A former librarian, she has been recently published in MockingHeart Review, The Raven Review, and Shot Glass Journal.