Duane L. Herrmann 


Blessed is the Place



Duane L. Herrmann, an internationally published, award-winning poet and historian, has held a variety of teaching and other positions, and is now retired. His work has been featured in such print and on-line publications as Midwest Quarterly, Little Balkans Review, Flint Hills Review, Manifest West, Inscape, Orison and others in this country and elsewhere.

A fifth generation Kansan, several branches of his family have been on the continent since before the revolution, with one Native branch even longer than that. He writes from, and about, all these perspectives. His full-length collections of poetry are: Prairies of Possibilities, Ichnographical: 173, and Praise the King of Glory. His poetry has received the Robert Hayden Poetry Fellowship, inclusion in American Poets of the 1990s, the Map of Kansas Literature and the Kansas Poets Trail (Wichita, KS) and other awards. Other writing has received the Ferguson Kansas History Book and Writer’s Matrix awards. These accomplishments are remarkable considering his traumatic childhood embellished by dyslexia, ADD and PTSD.