Deborah Leipziger

Deborah LeipzigerDeborah Leipziger is an author, poet, and professor. Flower Map is her first chapbook and is published by Finishing Line Press, (June, 2013). Her poems have been featured in Salamander,Ibbetson StreetVoices IsraelBagels with the Bards,  and The Muddy River Poetry Review. Along with Wayne-Daniel Berard and Rob Schadt, Ms. Leipziger is one of the co-founders of Soul-Lit. 

She is the author of several books on human rights and the environment, including The Corporate Responsibility Code Book, published by Greenleaf in 2010. Her books have been translated into Portuguese, French, Korean, and Chinese.  Ms. Leipziger is a Senior Fellow at Babson and an Adjunct Faculty Member at Simmons School of Management. She advises companies, NGOs, and UN agencies on issues relating to sustainability and social value creation.

Deborah was born in Brazil and has lived in the UK and the Netherlands. She lives in Brookline, MA with her three daughters, her muses.