Alexandra Vojtila

Al is a 20 year old junior at Nichols College where she is double-majoring in Economics and Business Communications. She plans to use her degrees in investing and stock trading. She will be studying in Croatia for 5 months in 2016 where she plans to travel the world.

Al is a Haitian missionary. She goes to Haiti multiple times a year and stays at an orphanage where she spends her weeks climbing mango trees, sitting on rocks with her village friends, learning how to cook new Haitian dishes, and running around the mountains with the orphanage kids. She is in the midst of learning Creole and hopes to live there some day.

Al is also a washed-up softball and basketball player. She was the captain of her teams in high school and was being recruited by nationally ranked colleges. She was also a Connecticut State Champion for her basketball team in high school. This was her life until a softball injury led to 2 back surgeries and lots of metal holding up her spine. She decided to focus her energy in other hobbies.

Al's hobbies include writing poetry, traveling, cooking, stock trading, walking, laying on the beach, listening to music, and spending time with her family. She is best friends with her parents, and has 2 awesome God daughters and an amazing family. Being an only child, it's easy to do all of these activities at the same time!