At one point in time, as we were sitting around lamenting the scarcity of venues for spiritual poetry, the thought occurred to us, "Then why not create our own?" And Soul-Lit was conceived!

We are an on-line journal of spiritual poetry, one in which work is published on an on-going basis. We construe the term "spiritual poetry" rather broadly (please see that tab on the site), so if you're wondering, submit and see?

We are wizards
there is no curtain
it's all magic without
smoke and mirrors
we make our lives as we must*

In the end, we are creating Soul-Lit for the same reasons as we do our poetry and our lives -- as we must. And we intend our site to reflect the best in those processes: simplicity, depth, openness, and care. Your poems are gifts which we will handle with joy! Reader, writer, seeker, skeptic, or all the above, you are most welcome here!

Sam, Wayne-Daniel, and Rob

*from Leaving Oz, by Samantha Libby http://samalamaspins2.blogspot.com/